Kim Snow has been teaching children piano for over 20 years. As a new piano teacher, she discovered that most modern piano curriculum proved inadequate to teach children the language of music. Through many years of testing and reworking concepts, introducing new techniques and developing her own materials, she created an integrated, holistic method to teaching both the practicum and theory of music in such a way that children learn the language of music, and have fun! Her methods include:

  • Using the Circle of Fifths as basic foundation to understanding the language of music, deciphering musical patterns such as scales, chords, intervals, tetrachords, etc.
  • Employing colors to explain scales and chords on the piano keyboard, with a heavy emphasis on manipulatives like magnets and flash cards — all of which she has designed for her students.
  • Composing her own music, and arranging folk and popular songs, down to each student’s level.
  • Integrating music theory in each lesson with the use of paper and interactive digital worksheets.
  • Using these techniques students as young as five years old are able to play, read and understand musical concepts.

Kim Snow is also an expert in Finale/Cubase DAW software programs and operates her own in-house recording studio. She has composed her own songs, taught composition and arranged hundreds of songs for her piano students.