My three daughters had their first Skype piano lesson last week. We use a PC laptop and simply position it propped up on box on a chair beside the piano. The camera captures the keyboard allowing Mrs. Snow to see what the girls play, while our computer displays Mrs. Snow. The audio is excellent and thus far the communication between teacher and student seems to be as good as having a teacher in person. It really is that simple!

Sarah C.

Mrs. Snow has been one of the best investments our family has made….

Renee C.

Mrs. Snow plays a variety of music. She uses this to find what you like to play; she finds your style.

Abigail G.

Mrs. Snow knows, through years of experience and keen perception, how individuals process and learn.

Jean H.

Kim does an amazing job personalizing piano lessons to meet my daughter’s needs and I love the convenience and flexibility of having lessons in my own home. Even though her lessons are long distance, my daughter is learning a great deal and continues to be inspired by Mrs. Snow’s superb teaching.

Mandy N.

My three daughters have been taking lessons with Kim Snow for about 9 years. For the past 7 1/2 years, we’ve done lessons via Skype and my girls have progressed beautifully. Skype lessons are convenient for a busy mom like me, and Kim has so mastered the online-teaching technique that it’s almost as if she’s sitting next to the girls at the piano. Kim’s unique emphasis on the building blocks of music–not solely sight-reading–has given my daughters the confidence to pick up any piece of music and play.

Kate U.

Mrs. Snow has been our children’s piano teacher for over 8 years. We couldn’t be happier with her abilities as a teacher! She is able to explain difficult concepts with clarity and in ways that the children understand. I’ve never seen her frustrated, even when there was difficulty explaining something, and eventually, the children got it!

Annette C.